Scoreboard with clock


0.modenormal clock; displaying Month-Day, Hour-Minutes and temperature
1.modestopwatch; displaying
Minutes Seconds. After pressing the Start/Stop button, the middle LED lights up, and the stopwatch starts to count upwards from 00-00. By pressing the Start/Stop button again, the counting stops, pressing it one more time and it continues the counting.
2.mode stopwatch; displaying Minutes-Seconds. After pressing the Start/Stop button, the stopwatch starts to count downwards from mm-00. The value of mm can be set from the menu.
3.mode displaying Seconds/Hundredths– otherwise identical with 1.mode
4.modedisplaying Seconds/Hundredths– otherwise identical with 2.mode
Reset – by pressing the NUL button (for at least 1,5 seconds) the stopper is set to 00-00 or mm-00.
By buttons Home+ and Home- the score of the home team, by buttons Guest+ and Guest- the score of the guest team can be set. Pressing the button CLOCK, you can choose from the modes. Pressing Menu, the current year is shown on the display. By buttons Guest+ and Guest- we can choose from the parameters in the menu, and by buttons Home+ and Home- we can change their values. Exit the menu by pressing the Menu button for more than 2 seconds.

Displaying characters: 100mm or 200mm, red LED
Material: eloxed aluminium, plexiglass, stickers (indoor/outdoor)
Setting: time and sources can be set by an infrared remote control of from PC
Size:      1100 x 180 x 45 mm (100mm version)
                 1500 x 270 x 45 mm (200mm version)

Extras:  -Display with text can be included