VPM03 Free parking places

The system consists of two parts: VPM03­-D (display) and VPM03­-P12 (operation unit).
The display consists of three 100mm segments. LED type is outdoor, 110×40°. Communication between the units is pro- vided by RS485 connection. The maxi- mum number of parking places (MAX – PARK) and the current number of cars in the parking lot (NOW) can be set through the operation unit. Pressing the ENTER button on the operation unit we get into the menu. With buttons UP and DOWN, we can choose the desired parameter, which we can change with the UP and DOWN but- tons. Confirming EXIT, we finish the setting.

 -Operation unit-

Power supply: 12V/200mA
Communication: galvanically separated RS485/9600BD
Protocol: ASCII
Buttons: vandalproof
Input: optocoupler; it counts in case of a short with GND


Power supply: 24V/400mA
Communication: galvanically separated RS485/9600BD
Brightness: automatic setting, depending on ambient light

The display of the operation unit (LCD 2×16) shows:    
NOW=0099 NO/OK

FREE­free parking places.
NOW­ – current number of cars in the parking lot.
If FREE=0, the operation unit makes a beeping noise.
DISP OK – communication with the display is all right.
DISP NO – no communication with the display.